Friday, 12 October 2012

WhatsApp users are spammed by German Number

Many consumers with WhatsApp on their smartphone lately flooded with spam messages from Germany. The messages contain a link to a ringtone site.

The German number sends unsolicited people a message while the number is not in their list do. This is possible because it is not necessary to WhatsApp to a song by allowing him to add to your directory. Because only one number can know all WhatsApp messages sent to someone and therefore unsolicited advertising. 

Research,  shows that the quantity of such messages, with names from a German farmer ringtone, the last days explodes. Visitors to our website leave via Facebook know that they lately indeed many suffer from such spam. Additionally also allow people on Twitter know unrequested approached to by the German number with a link in it. What is striking is that the number both as a WhatsApp sends an SMS message.

WhatsApp does offer the ability to block numbers. Due to the number +491525691435 add to the blocked list, you will no longer receive spam from this number via WhatsApp. The makers of the popular application have not yet responded to this development.

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